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The Adrenal Body Type

The Adrenal Body Type The primary characteristics of the Adrenal body type include a medium height, strong build, triangular face, broad shoulders, and square palms with tubular-shaped fingers. The fingers of the adrenal type are about the same length as their palms. In general, most men are adrenal types. The typical Adrenal would be Bruce […]

The Thyroid Body Type

THE THYROID BODY TYPE  The Body Type diet is based on hereditary factors, and emphasizes the dominance of a particular endocrine organ throughout a person’s development. The body type classifications are determined for each person by the dominant action of this specific endocrine organ. This endocrine organ is genetically the source of one’s strength and […]

How to Create a Healthy Immune System

To successfully build an effective immune system, we must consider both its sides: offensive and defensive. The offensive component consists of supporting an immune system that is already working effectively by rejuvenating its organs and related systems, reducing our multidimensional stress levels wherever possible, eating an optimal diet, drinking sufficient amounts of pure water, and […]

Enhance the Functioning of the Circulatory System

Many nutritional experts agree that heart disease is a deficiency disease caused by consuming too many refined foods, especially fats and oils. Deficiencies caused by refining and bleaching our flour, refining and processing our foods, and the denaturing of our fats and oils are part of the cause. Processing destroys essential vitamins, minerals, and synergistic […]