The Adrenal Body Type

The Adrenal Body Type

The Adrenal Body Type
The primary characteristics of the Adrenal body type include a medium height, strong build, triangular face, broad shoulders, and square palms with tubular-shaped fingers. The fingers of the adrenal type are about the same length as their palms. In general, most men are adrenal types. The typical Adrenal would be Bruce Willis.

FourBodyTypesc2009Adrenal types are usually in good health, have strong immune and digestive systems, and are friendly and outgoing. Adrenal types are prone to respiratory problems and allergies, as the thymus and thyroid glands tend to be their weakest organs, and they tend toward high blood pressure and heart problems.

Adrenal types are stimulated by fats and salt. The fats from animal products, especially red meat, overstimulate the adrenals glands. Salty and greasy foods like French fries and chips are also the downfall of the adrenal type.

Adrenal types should consume a diet high in complex carbohydrates, beans and legumes, high in fresh fruits and vegetables, and low in animal fats. Adrenal types thrive on a light breakfast, a medium lunch, and a larger dinner with a small amount of protein. Adrenal types also need to drink plenty of pure water. Late to bed and lateĀ to rise will make an Adrenal type healthy and wise.

Abundant amounts of the following:
Organic vegetables, fruits, legumes, organic full-fat dairy products, water, and herbal teas, herbs – especially parsley.

Moderate amounts of the following:
Ocean-fresh fish, free-range poultry, eggs, coffee or tea, oils, raw nuts and seeds, butter, milk, cheese yogurt, and natural desserts.

Avoidance of the following:

All refined grains. Salt and salty foods, red meat, shellfish, fried foods, margarine or Crisco, sugar and other refined carbohydrates, alcohol, and yellow or aged cheeses.

Note: Avoidance foods can be eaten occasionally and cause no real problem forĀ Adrenal types.


Centered around the belly (classic beer/carbohydrate belly). If you are an A-type trying to lose weight, you should eliminate adrenal-stimulating foods, and avoid snacking between meals. Try to leave four or five hours between breakfast and lunch, and five or six hours between lunch and dinner.

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