JimForleo_0DR. JAMES VINCENT FORLEO specializes in holistic health and has over thirty five years of clinical experience in chiropractic, spinal biomechanics, applied kinesiology, clinical nutrition, and cranial osteopathy. A popular workshop leader and educator, he lives in Durango, Colorado.

My Mission

The mission of Health Is Simple is:

  • To help you discover how you can have an ongoing experience of health that goes far beyond the absence of symptoms, disease or pain.
  • To help you understand how your body works, and how you can work along with it, not just to alleviate your symptoms, but to correct the underlying causes that create the experience of symptoms and dis-ease in the first place.
  • To help you decode the signs and symptoms of dis-ease that might be present in your experience and guide you toward correcting their underlying cause.
  • To show you how each of the major systems within the body works, including the often-overlooked neuro-musculo-skeletal system, and how you can bring each system into balance by working with the awesome healing presence that is within you and everywhere around you.
  • To introduce you to a series of simple, powerful practices to get you in touch with the healing presence.

In short, my mission is to help you become actively engaged in the process of creating your own health, break through to a more vibrant level of health and lighten your financial burden for health care.

My Philosophy

philosophy_SystemsWheelCreating health begins with a shift in the perspective that the whole (body) really is something much greater than the sum of its parts. A shift that recognizes that health is our birthright and represents the natural state of affairs for human beings on planet earth.

I remember the first time this shift in perspective began to occur for me. I was starting chiropractic school and beginning a journey to understand how the body worked. I attempted to piece together everything I was learning in the basic sciences into a working model, which was quite a chore. There was so much I didn’t know; so many relationships in the body I didn’t understand. I began to realize that health was really the normal state and that the experience of disease was totally abnormal. This startled me because it seemed that everyone else I was exposed to in the health field was focused on disease and what was wrong with us. From that moment on, I began to focus on building health. The half empty glass forevermore became half full.

This seems so obvious to me now, and perhaps to you as well, but the moment I focused on health instead of disease, my perspective about everything totally changed. Even the word dis-ease became a reflection of the true state of affairs. Dis-ease, in medical terminology, means being away from ease, or away from health. Because of this change in my perspective, I soon began to see my whole world differently. And as my perception shifted, so, ultimately, did my (and my patient’s ) experience.
This formula has become key for me in translating the inner experience of body, mind, heart and spirit into the outer experience of health and vitality.


Dr. Jim Forleo is a leading chiropractic doctor with over thirty five years of clinical experience in chiropractic, spinal biomechanics, applied kinesiology, clinical nutrition, and cranial osteopathy. He lives in Durango, Colorado.

Dr. Forleo also teaches a variety of classes on multidimensional health, clinical nutrition, muscle testing, total body cleansing, and cranial osteopathy for regional health organizations and at his clinic in Durango, Colorado.

A 1975 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Forleo is a member of several national Chiropractic organizations: The International College of Applied Kinesiology, The International Chiropractic Association and The Colorado Chiropractic Association. He has written articles in national publications.