The United States leads the world in Health Care Expenditures yet ranks only 72nd in overall health. How can this be so?
Our health care system today primarily focuses on treating symptoms of disease instead of correcting their underlying causes. This perspective not only compounds problems in the body, it makes simple problems extremely expensive and chronic. In reality, symptoms are the body’s way of letting us know there are problems; getting rid of them keeps us from knowing what is really going on.
I don’t have any active symptoms. Do I need to be concerned about my health?
Absolutely! Not having symptoms does not equate to vibrant health. Health is an active process on all levels of our experience. We can actively participate now or wait for symptoms and disease to manifest. The choice is ours.
Are germs the real cause of disease?
Germs are an integral part of the natural world and we need them to survive on planet earth. Fighting germs is like fighting disease-when we do, we end up with more disease and stronger germs. Instead we need to focus our efforts on building our health and changing the internal environment in our bodies that has created a home for bacteria and viruses associated with disease.
How do our bodies ask us for help?
First, your body will give you signs that you are heading off-course. Simple things like changes in attitude, a loss of energy and an overall sense that things are not quite right. At this point, the body is requesting a course correction. If you don’t recognize these signs, your body will elicit more active symptoms to get your attention.

Essentially, your body is asking for a change in your behavior. Make these simple changes, and your signs and symptoms will disappear and you will return to your normal state of health. Ignore the signs and symptoms and you will move closer to disease and disability.

I receive advice from many health care professionals. Who should I put in charge?
You are the director of your health care team and in charge of your own health!

You can use various resources and assemble a health care team consisting of health care professionals that support your ever-expanding vision of health. This should include structural, bio-chemical, mental, emotional and spiritual support. However, you should always be the one to make the final decisions.

Do you see the human body as a machine that is constantly breaking down and needing to be fixed?
Not at all! The body is intelligent and is in a state of constant repair and restoration. Viewing the body as a machine is an outdated viewpoint.
What can people do to build their health?
Listen to what your body is saying by way of the signs and symptoms of both health and dis-ease. Attune yourself structurally, bio-chemically, mentally and emotionally and find your own true connection to spirit, which will help guide your life and your journey to health.
Is it possible to win the fight against bacteria and viruses?
No. A war against microbes will be won by microbes. Their life cycles are so short that they easily adapt to any changes that we initiate and become resistant to our drugs and technology.
Is medical technology leading us to better health?
Yes and no. Yes, we now have much better diagnostics to show us what is wrong with us, which is often a good idea. No, because looking at what is wrong with us is looking in the wrong direction to build vibrant health.
In your book you focus on multidimensional health. What is multidimensional health?
We are multidimensional beings. We have a physical body that is the ultimate perfection of all creation. We have a mind that allows us to think and choose our path in life. We have emotions and feelings that allow us to experience the effects of our current lifestyle, and we are spiritual beings connected with all other beings.

These are the dimensions of our life.