The Thyroid Body Type

The Thyroid Body Type

THE THYROID BODY TYPE  The Body Type diet is based on hereditary factors, and emphasizes the dominance of a particular endocrine organ throughout a person’s development. The body type classifications are determined for each person by the dominant action of this specific endocrine organ. This endocrine organ is genetically the source of one’s strength and vitality.

The main characteristic of the Thyroid body type is a long and lean appearance. Whereas pituitary types are usually above six feet tall, thyroid types average from about five feet five to just under six feet. Physically, thyroid types have bones that are long and thin, fine hair, and small white teeth. Their hands are also long but thin, with long, straight fingers and tough nails. Cary Grant could be considered a typical Thyroid body type. T-types are usually nervous and have inconsistent energy patterns.

Since the thyroid gland helps to regulate the speed of our metabolism, thyroid types tend toward elevated metabolism and will crave substances that stimulate the thyroid gland, and elevate their blood sugar and their metabolic rate. These would include sugars, coffee, chocolate, concentrated fruit juices, soft drinks, and alcohol. These substances should be especially avoided by thyroid types. Thyroid body types can be classic hypoglycemics or people with low blood sugar problems, and they often have a tendency toward depression. They are also prone to arthritis, skin problems, and headaches.

Thyroid types do best on a diet high in protein, high in quality fats, and low in simple refined carbohydrates or sugars. Breakfast is the most important meal for a thyroid type as it helps to stabilize their blood sugar levels. Again, coffee and soft drinks are a definite off limits for a T-type.

If these substances are a part of the T-type’s diet, especially in the early part of the day, ingestion will be followed by sharp hills and valleys in both energy FourBodyTypesc2009and temperament. Thyroid types thrive on a high-protein breakfast, lunch, and dinner, divided evenly, with protein at two meals. The best schedule for the Thyroid body type is early to bed and early to rise. 


 Abundant amounts of the following:Eggs, free-range poultry, ocean-fresh seafood, shellfish, tofu, fresh organic vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, water, and raspberry leaf tea.

Moderate amounts of the following: Red meat and organ meats, legumes, whole grains, butter, vegetable oils, and fruit.

Avoidance of the following: Coffee and black tea, refined carbohydrates, refined grains, desserts and sugar of all kinds, fried foods, margarine, Crisco, and fruit juices.

 Note: Avoidance foods eaten occasionally will cause no real problems to the Thyroid type.


THYROID BODY TYPE WEIGHT GAIN PATTERN Soft weight from the elbows to the knees. Most pronounced in the abdomen and hips. If you are a Thyroid type trying to lose weight, eliminate thyroid-stimulating foods, and avoid snacking between meals. Try to leave four or five hours between breakfast and lunch, and five or six hours between lunch and dinner.

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