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How Did We Ever Get Here? By Dr. Jim Forleo, D.C. Much praise goes out to the crisis healthcare workers and first responders as they continue to serve the multitudes of people in need while working in the face of this never-ending COVID-19 pandemic. Our emergency healthcare system has been truly outstanding. No surprise that […]

Cross Crawl Exercise

The following exercise is from Chapter 3, “The Nervous System” in the book, Health Is Simple. The Cross Crawl Exercise – Crawling is not merely a step toward walking. Infants learn to crawl because crawling actually helps strengthen the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. Many of us either did not have sufficient […]

How to Create a Healthy Immune System

To successfully build an effective immune system, we must consider both its sides: offensive and defensive. The offensive component consists of supporting an immune system that is already working effectively by rejuvenating its organs and related systems, reducing our multidimensional stress levels wherever possible, eating an optimal diet, drinking sufficient amounts of pure water, and […]

Enhance the Functioning of the Circulatory System

Many nutritional experts agree that heart disease is a deficiency disease caused by consuming too many refined foods, especially fats and oils. Deficiencies caused by refining and bleaching our flour, refining and processing our foods, and the denaturing of our fats and oils are part of the cause. Processing destroys essential vitamins, minerals, and synergistic […]