Multiple Vitamins

  • Catalyn – vitamins and trace mineral support
  • SP Complete – powdered whole food and herbal supplement/meal replacement. 1-2 tbl/day with juice or filtered water. recipe in HIS

Immune System

  • Thymex – Acute immune systems problems 3-2-3x/day short term use Congaplex- Colds, flu, fever, virus, preventative 3-3x/day
  • Immuplex – Chronic immune system problems 3-3x/day
  • Echinacea Premium – Maintains a healthy immune system

Endocrine Glandular Support

  • Adrenals (hypo) – Drenamin 2-3x/day, Cataplex B 1-2-3x/day, Super EFF 1-3x/day, Eleuthero 2-2x/day Meta Herb, severe fatigue- Adrenal Desiccated- 2 months
  • Adrenals (hyper) – Drenamin-2-3x/day, Organically Bound Minerals 1-3x/day, Adrenal Complex 1-3x/day-Meta Herb
  • Ovaries (hypo) -Ovex 1-2 3x/day, Chlorophyll Perles 1-2 3x/day, wild Yam Complex 2-2x/day-Meta Herb
  • Ovaries (hyper) – Pituitrophin 1-3x/day, Ovex 1-3x/day, Chaste Tree 2/day Meta Herb
  • Pancreas (hypo) – Cataplex B 2-3 3x/day ,Diaplex 2-3x/day, Drenamin 1-2 3x/day
  • Pancreas (hyper) – Cataplex GTF 2-3x/day, Diaplex 2-3x/day, Gymnema 2/day Meta Herb
  • Pituitary (hypo) – Pituitrophin 1-3x/day, trace minerals B12 1-3x/day, Eleuthero root/ Korean Ginseng-from Meta Herb.
  • Pituitary (hyper) – Symplex M or Symplex F-1- 3/day, Trace Minerals B12 1-3x/day, Prolamine Iodine 1-3x/day
  • Testes (hypo) – Prolamine Iodine 1-3x/day,Wheat Germ Oil 1-3x/day, Chlorophyll Perles 3/day
  • Testes (hyper) – Prolamine Iodine 1-3/day, Super EFF 1-3xday, Wheat Germ Oil 1-3x/day, Organically Bound Minerals 1-3x/day
  • Thymus (hypo) – Thymex 1-3x/day, Parotid PMG 1-3x/day
  • Thymus (hyper) – Cataplex C 2-3x/day, Thymus PMG 1-3x/day
  • Thyroid (hypo) – Symplex M or Symplex F-1-3x/day, Thytrophin PMG 1-3x/day, Prolamine Iodine 1-3 increase slowly, Cataplex F 3-9/day, Trace Minerals B12 1-3x/day Thyroid Complex 1-3x/day-Meta Herb
  • Thyroid (hyper) – Thytrophin PMG 1-2 3x/day, Prolamine Iodine 1-3/day, Trace minerals B12 1-3x/day, Thymex 1-3x/day

Pain & Inflammation

  • Inflammation – Tuna Omega 3 fish oil 3-1-2x/day, Congaplex 3-3x/day, Drenamin 3-3x/day, Black Currant Seed Oil 1-2 3x/day, Boswellia Complex 2-2x/day
  • Back Pain – Chlorophyll Complex 2-3x/day, Tuna Omegaa-3Oil 2-3x/day, Cal-Ma-Plus 1-3x/day Ligaplex II 2-3x/day, Cataplex E 2-3x/day
  • Disc Repair – Ligaplex I 2-3x/day, Cal Ma Plus 12/day, Cyruta Plus 12/day Tuna Omega 3 Oil 3/day, Boswellia Complex 2-2x/day Meta Herb

Mental/Emotional Health

  • Depression, hyperirritability – Min-Chex 2-3x/day additional 3@bedtime for difficulty sleeping.
  • Insomnia, sympathetic nervous system dominance – Min-Tran 4- 2x/day on empty stomach
  • Liver and Gall Bladder Flush – Phosfood Liquid, Disodium Phosphate, (Standard Process). Indications for use in HIS
  • Breakfast Drink – SP Complete 1-2 scoops (multiple vitamin), Whey Pro Complete 1-scoop (protein source), Calcifood Powder 1 scoop (healthy bone meal for healthy bones), Calcium Lactate Powder 1 scoop, fresh fruit, 8 oz dilute fruit, vegetable juice or filtered water, handful of raw almonds/nuts. Blend in a blender.  Optional; lecithin granules, spirulina or other green superfood powder, flax seed meal or flaxseed oil, wheat germ oil, rice bran syrup, brewers yeast.
  • Build a Healthy Gut – Colon – Lactic Acid Yeast wafers (beneficial yeast) 1-2 2-3x day, Zymex 2-3x/day(after antibiotics), Lact-Enz 3/day, (lactobacillus and bifidus) Stomach-Chlorophyll Complex Perles- (stomach irritation) 1-2 2x/day, Okra pepsin (gastrointestinal healing) 1- 3x/day with meals.
  • Digestive Enzymes – Zypan 2-3x/day with meals (HCL plus pancreatic), Multizyme 2-3 3x/day before meals (pancreas support only, without HCL)
  • Car Seat Support – Yoga Back car seat • • 800-748-8464
  • Exercise Balls – for sizing
  • Foam Rollers – For spinal health and mobility – White Axis Rollers(standard density), Firm Black firm density.
  • Orthotics – (foot and lower back spinal stabilizers): Birkenstock arch supports (blue footbeds) with metatarsal support • • Red Wing Powerstep Orthotic Supports, Montrail arch supports and/or Sole Footbeds @ your local shoe store or
  • Thera-Ciser Exercise System – For feet, ankles, shoulders and spine •

Water Filters – CWR Environmental Protection Products •  Under counter chlorine and fluoride filter system for home use- CWR-Double Crown Water Filter $299, sediment and whole house chlorine filter tanks available.

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