Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Whole Enchilada
Our Inner and Outer Worlds of Experience
Attunement with Nature
The Resonant System of the Body
Our View of the World
The Experience of Wholeness

Chapter 2: Health and Disease
The Wisdom of Our Inner Intelligence
Our Intimate Connection with Intelligence
The Healing Process
Signs and Symptoms
The How, Where, and Why of Symptoms
Health and Dis-ease
Choosing Health
Shift to the Above-Down Approach
The Wellness Continuum
Signs of Intelligence
The Treatment Is Not the Cure
Make Practical Use of Your Education
The Whole Body Scan

Chapter 3: The Nerve System (Communications)
The Cerebrum

  • HEALTH TIP #1: The Cross Crawl Exercise

The Cortex
The Lower Brain
The Switchboard
Too Much and Too Little

  • HEALTH TIP #2: The Twist and Towel Exercise
  • HEALTH TIP #3: Regular Spinal Checkups

Make No Bones About It

  • HEALTH TIP #4: Cranial Balls

Our Sensory System

  • HEALTH TIP #5: The Whole Body Scan


  • HEALTH TIP #6: The Roundabout

Electricity and the Brain

  • HEALTH TIP #7: B&E Acupuncture Points
  • HEALTH TIP #8: Chapman Reflex Points

Nerve Chemistry

  • HEALTH TIP #9: Nutrition for Your Nerves

Feeling and Thinking Nerves
Our Gut Feelings

  • HEALTH TIP #10: Emotional Holding Points
  • HEALTH TIP #11: Exercise Your Mind and Emotions
  • HEALTH TIP #12: The Slant Board Exercise

The Spirit of Health

  • HEALTH TIP #13: The Space Between Activities

Chapter 4: The Musculoskeletal System
Alignment with Gravity
Core Alignment
Optimal Postural Alignment

  • HEALTH TIP #1: Evaluate Your Posture
  • HEALTH TIP #2: Find Your Optimal Standing Posture

Optimal Sitting Posture

  • HEALTH TIP #3: Find Your Optimal Sitting Posture
  • HEALTH TIP #4: Use a Lumbar Sitting Cushion

Our Posture of Heart
Activating Your Body

  • HEALTH TIP #5: Activate Your Body

Active and Passive Stretching and Exercise
Range of Motion

  • HEALTH TIP #6: Evaluate Your Range of Motion
  • HEALTH TIP #7: Improve Your Range of Motion
  • HEALTH TIP #8: Range-of-Motion Exercises (ROME)
  • HEALTH TIP #9: Series of Range of Motion Exercises (ROME)
  • HEALTH TIP #10: The Alignment Series
  • HEALTH TIP #11: Flexibility Techniques
  • HEALTH TIP #12: Energy Exercises

Chapter 5: The Care and Feeding of the Human Frame
Bones Renew Themselves

  • HEALTH TIP #1: Eat Whole Foods for Healthy Bones

Bone Acts as a Conduit for Electricity and Magnetism

  • HEALTH TIP #2: Keep Your Structural System in Alignment

Bones Provide a Storage Unit for Minerals

  • HEALTH TIP #3: Check Your pH on a Regular Basis

Bone Salts are Crystals

  • HEALTH TIP #4: Have Your Toxic Metal Load Evaluated

Bones and the Immune System

  • HEALTH TIP #5: Build a Healthier Immune System

Other Bone-related Factors

  • HEALTH TIP #6: Exercise and Move Your Body
  • HEALTH TIP #7: Take Whole-food Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Gait Patterns

  • HEALTH TIP #8: Use Range of Motion Exercises and Foot Exercises

The Stretch Reflex

  • HEALTH TIP #9: Utilize the Principles of Active Stretching
  • HEALTH TIP #10: Evaluate the Function of Your Adrenal Glands

Trigger Points

  • HEALTH TIP #11: Treat Your Trigger Points

Muscle Cells

  • HEALTH TIP #12: Improve the Function of Painful Muscles

Muscle-Organ Relationships

  • HEALTH TIP #13: Use the Muscles & Related Organs Chart

& the Referred Pain Chart

  • HEALTH TIP #14: Use High-quality Essential Fatty Acids

Neurolymphatic Treatment Points
Muscles and Feelings
Connective Tissue

  • HEALTH TIP #15: Support Your Connective Tissue Nutritionally

Feet and Ankles

  • HEALTH TIP #16: Support Your Feet

Neurolymphatic Reflex Points

  • HEALTH TIP #17: Knee-strengthening Exercises


  • HEALTH TIP #18: Hip Exercises


  • HEALTH TIP #19: Exercise and Align the Shoulders for Optimal Function


  • HEALTH TIP #20: Elbow Exercises

Wrists and Hands

  • HEALTH TIP #21: Stabilize the Function of Both the Wrist and Hand


Chapter 6: The Endocrine System
Maestro, Please
The Pineal Gland

  • HEALTH TIP #1: Enhance the Function of Your Pineal Gland

The Hypothalamus and the Pituitary Gland

  • HEALTH TIP #2: Enhance the Functioning of Your Pituitary Gland

The Thyroid Gland

  • HEALTH TIP #3: Enhance the Functioning of Your Thyroid Gland

The Thymus Gland

  • HEALTH TIP #4: Enhance the Functioning of Your Thymus Gland

The Pancreas
Associated Organs

  • HEALTH TIP #5: Enhance the Functioning of Your Pancreas

The Amazing Adrenal Glands
The Adrenal Cortex, Corticosteroids, and Cortisol
The Adrenal Medulla
Associated Organs

  • HEALTH TIP #6: Enhance the Functioning of Your Adrenals

The Ovaries and Testes
Male Reproduction
Associated Organs

  • HEALTH TIP #7: Enhance the Functioning of Your Sexual Organs


Chapter 7: Insightful Nutrition
The Ideal Diet
1. Whole Foods
2. Body Type

  • HEALTH TIP #1: The Body Type Diet

Exercises to Support Your Body Type

  • HEALTH TIP #2: The Blood Type Diet

3. The Key Elements of the Healthiest Diet in the World

  • HEALTH TIP #3: The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

4. The Principles of Food Combining
5. pH Balance in the Body

  • HEALTH TIP #4: Testing the pH of Your Saliva
  • HEALTH TIP #5: Testing the pH of Your Urine

Balancing Your pH

  • HEALTH TIP #6: What to Do About Split pH Readings
  • HEALTH TIP #7: Colon Cleansing
  • HEALTH TIP #8: pH-normalizing Foot Bath
  • HEALTH TIP #9: pH-Balancing Complements

6. An Awareness of the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load
7. Natural Methods of Cleansing, Detoxification, and Elimination

  • HEALTH TIP #10: The Seven-Day Detoxification Feast

Transition Diet

  • HEALTH TIP #11: The Eleven-Day Elimination Diet
  • HEALTH TIP #12: My Breakfast Drink


Chapter 8: Digestion and Elimination
An Easy Self-Check of Your Digestive System
The Mouth

  • HEALTH TIP #1: Chew Your Food Thoroughly

The Esophagus and Stomach

  • HEALTH TIP #2: The Trouble with Ice Water
  • HEALTH TIP #3: Eat Small Meals in a Relaxed Atmosphere

Acid Reflux and Hiatal Hernia

  • HEALTH TIP #4: Correcting a Hiatal Hernia

The Small Intestine

  • HEALTH TIP #5: Enhance the Functioning of the Small Intestine

The Liver and Gallbladder

  • HEALTH TIP #6: The Bile Duct and Gallbladder Cleanse
  • HEALTH TIP #7: The Liver Flush
  • HEALTH TIP #8: Liver Detox

The Pancreas and the Glycemic Index

  • HEALTH TIP #9: Enhance the Functioning of the Pancreas

The Ileocecal Valve

  • HEALTH TIP #10: Correction of Ileocecal Valve Problems

The Large Intestine or Colon
Creating a Healthy Environment in the Colon

  • HEALTH TIP #11: Colon Cleansing
  • HEALTH TIP #12: The Stomach Lift
  • HEALTH TIP #13: Abdominal Massage
  • HEALTH TIP #14: The Emotional Release Point
  • HEALTH TIP #15: Castor Oil Packs
  • HEALTH TIP #16: Nutrition

Two Digestive Systems

  • HEALTH TIP #17: Food Combining

Food Categories
The Other Elimination Systems

  • HEALTH TIP #18: Enhance the Functioning of the Kidneys

The Skin

  • HEALTH TIP #19: The Skin

Hair and Nails

  • HEALTH TIP #20: For Nails


Chapter 9: The Immune System
Our Amazing Defense System
Does Chicken Soup Really Work?
The Lymphatic System

  • HEALTH TIP #1: Lymphatic Drainage Technique

Immunity and Emotions
How to Create a Healthy Immune System
Immune System Relationships

  • HEALTH TIP #2: Build the Health of Your Immune System

The Agents of Dis-ease
Bacterial Infections

  • HEALTH TIP #3: Bacterial Infections
  • HEALTH TIP #4: Self-testing to Detect Disease-Causing Bacteria
  • HEALTH TIP #5: Antibacterial Remedies

Viral Infections

  • HEALTH TIP #6: Antiviral Remedies

Yeast Intolerance
By-products of Yeast and Fungus
How Yeast and Fungus Multiply

  • HEALTH TIP #7: Treatment for Yeast and Fungus

Parasite Testing

  • HEALTH TIP #8: Natural Methods of Treatment for Parasites

Toxic Chemicals
Dairy Products
Air Pollution
Environmental Toxins

  • HEALTH TIP #9: Antioxidants and Phytonutrients

That Help Balance Toxic Chemicals
Toxic Metals
Dental Fillings

  • HEALTH TIP #10: Eliminate Toxic Metals

Food Allergies

  • HEALTH TIP #11: The Pulse Test

Health Problems Caused by the Agents of Disease

  • HEALTH TIP #12: For Allergies


Chapter 10: Respiration and Circulation
The Respiratory System
The Mechanics of Breathing
The Natural Phenomena of Respiration
Coughing, Sneezing, Yawning, and Hiccupping
How Well Do You Breathe?
Shut-down Feelings and Shut-down Breathing
Often Go Hand in Hand

  • HEALTH TIP #1: Integrated Breathing Technique
  • HEALTH TIP #2: Retention Breathing
  • HEALTH TIP #3: Improve Your Lung Capacity
  • HEALTH TIP #4: The Sinus Drainage Exercise

Respiratory Health Tips Summary
The Circulatory System
Blood, the River of Life
The Heart
Timing is Everything
Blood Pressure
Indications of Heart-related Problems

  • HEALTH TIP #5: Enhance the Functioning of the Circulatory System

Emotions and the Heart

Chapter 11: The Mind
The Educated Mind
Our Belief System
Positive Thinking
Intention vs. Chance
The Present Moment
Listen to Your Inner Guidance
Using Your Whole Brain
Mental Patterns
The Conscious and Subconscious Minds
Inner Wisdom
The Innate Mind
How to Get There

  • HEALTH TIP #1: Visualization and Meditation Practice

Chapter 12: Bring in Your Heart
The Limbic System
The Healing Power of Love
Posture of Heart
Feelings and Emotions
Your Feeling Tone
The Feeling Tone of Health
Clearing Your Heart Realm

  • HEALTH TIP #1: Move Stuck Emotions

Emotional Clearing Techniques
Just for Fun

  • HEALTH TIP #2: Sounding the Tone


  • HEALTH TIP #3: The Walking Breath
  • HEALTH TIP #4: Heart-Centered Breathing


  • HEALTH TIP #5: The Sounding Technique
  • HEALTH TIP #6: The Heart-centered Meditation

Chapter 13: Being Spirit
The Heart of the X
Energy and Matter Are One
Energy Centers of the Body
Corresponding Vibrational Frequencies
Aligning Your Energy Centers
Positive and Negative Attitudes and EmotionS
Rising Spiritual Substance

  • HEALTH TIP #1: Sound Healing

Sound Awareness
Color Your World

  • HEALTH TIP #2: Color Healing
  • HEALTH TIP #3: Check Your Breathing Patterns
  • HEALTH TIP #4: Affirm Your Health

Pathway of the Ancients

  • HEALTH TIP #5: The Caduceus Meditation

The “I Am” of Spirit
Our Seven Multidimensional Energy Centers

  • HEALTH TIP #6: Restore a Sense of the Sacred

Creating the Reality of Wholeness


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Appendix B: Resources for Specific Assessments



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