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HISIn over thirty years of observation and study, I have repeatedly been a witness to the magnificent Intelligence of the human body. This internal Intelligence is trying to tell us exactly what is going on inside our bodies, and what it wants and doesn’t want from us. This healing presence can guide us toward a state of true multidimensional health, far beyond anything we have ever experienced before. But first we must understand its language.

And that’s what this book is all about—helping you tap into the magnificent intelligence of your own body and understand its profound language. If I have done my job well, by the end of the book you will have all the tools you need—both the insights and practices—to support a self-styled program for creating vibrant health and well-being. Each of us has the capacity to experience much higher states of health, but these states must first be awakened and unleashed.

Come, join me on a journey to vibrant health.

-Dr. Jim Forleo

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Can health be reduced to the treatment of symptoms and dis-eases? Or, can we embrace the possibility that health and wholeness is a far greater experience than simply the absence of illness or pain.

The fact is, the Intelligence of our bodies is constantly trying to communicate with us by way of our signs and symptoms. The problem is, we don’t understand its language.

Health Is Simple helps readers decipher their signs, symptoms and dis-eases and access the great realms of health and vitality available to them within their own bodies. Written in a thoroughly lively and engaging style, Health Is Simple takes a systems approach to health, walking readers through the basic design and function of each of the major organ systems of the body – the nerve, endocrine, immune, musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and elimination systems – and offers a set of simple, yet highly effective practices to help each system perform at more effective levels. With as little as a few minutes a day, aimed at these simple practices, one begins to experience greater and greater dimensions of health and wellbeing.

Hundreds of author James Forleo’s patients, including Andrew Weil, Billy Crystal, Dick Gregory, Joe Don Baker, Bruno Kirby, and the Denver Nuggets professional basketball team, have used his approach to set a new course for improving their health. His customized program emphasizes careful attunement to the language of the body, simple correctives to diet and lifestyle, a new perspective on digestion and elimination, and the alignment of the spine and structural system.

Dr. Forleo’s program has resolved conditions such as headaches, depression, anxiety, mental and emotional disabilities, female and male imbalances, exhaustion, autoimmune disorders, allergies, respiratory disorders, and the multitude of structural and spinal problems that chiropractors have been successfully treating for over a hundred years.

Health Is Simple offers this same customized program with the possibility of achieving the same spectacular results.

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